New Titan-ICan Chair


ICAN is highly flexible, comfortably accommodating a wide variety of body shapes and heights. Featuring

a 180° rotational movement of the work surface which allows the student to find the right position for them

whether they be right or left handed without having to specify.

This rotation is fundamental in that it allows the student to exit the seat or change position without having

to disturb the contents of the work station.




Frame constructed from 28mm steel tubing bent and welded to a steel seat plate and finished with baked-on powder coated paint. The chair frame also consists of a rotational pivot mechanism which provides a means of rotation of the tablet about the seat. Two 18mm Support struts add to the strength and stability of the work station and add aesthetic appeal.

Seat Shell

One-piece contoured shell made of high-impact polyurethane. Colourfastness ensured through complete colour impregnation throughout the moulded part. Strength and durability is assured through the use of polyurethane injection moulding which eliminates the need for supports on the back of the shell or cavity moulding thus dramatically increasing flexibility up to 12° without compromising structural integrity. A waterfall edge at the front enhance comfort and aesthetic appeal.

Writing Tablet

The work surface features a balanced scratch resistant balanced laminate surface with an 18mm European beech wood ply centre giving a high degree of strength and a pleasant visual effect. The work surface is supported by a steel plate with T support and securely mounted by the means of 6 self-tapping screws. A pen tray is also incorporated as standard.

Storage accessory rack

Comes as standard with the I.CAN. Constructed of perforated steel which is welded securely to the frame. The large under seat storage area of easily accommodates bags, books, and computers.

A cup holder

Is included as standard. Constructed from flat metal plate which is securely welded to the lower support tubes of the frame.

Double wheels

(65mm) of high-impact thermoplastic available offer a point stability and freedom of movement which characterises the ICAN. The front casters come complete with high resistant thermoplastic foot rests which both protect the frame finish and allow for a variety of seating positions.