New Pagholz Chair


Pagholz Moulded Hourglass Cantilever chair Chrome Frame

The Pagholz seat shell is a one piece natural timber laminate that is uniquely molded to provide flexiible ergonomic and orthopaedic suport. Pagholz is very durable and indestructable in normal use. It is remarkably strong despite its thin cross section and resistant to water, heat, scratching and impact.

The robust alloy steel cantilever frame allows for moderate movement and supports the toning of the muscles, promotes blood circulation to the brain, and thus ensures higher concentration. The A2S Floorsafe protectors protect the flooring and prevent slipping. Surface protectors enable chair to stored on top of desk while protecting the table surface. Stacks up to 5 chairs high


  • 100% natural material made of timber
  • Extremely durable and indestructible in normal use
  • Water, impact and heat resistant
  • A2S Floorsafe protectors protect the floor and prevent slipping
  • Made in Germany
  • 10 Year Warrant

Code: PAG