New EN10 Classic School Chair


  •  to discourage user tilting
  •  light grey
  •  6 High
  •  compliant parts 1 and 2
  •  125kg
  •  2.6kg (S1), 2.6kg (S2), 3.5kg (S3), 3.5kg (S4), 4.3kg (S5), 4.3kg (S6)

The EN series range of classic school chairs manufactured by Spaceforme, offer the perfect solution for providing pupils with high performance chairs that improve posture and comfort. Investing in EN seating is an investment for the future, as the effects of well-designed educational environments on learning are widely acknowledged. The clean lines and ergonomic benefits of the EN series chair can play an important role in creating educational environments of which all stake holders can be proud. The EN Series is the perfect solution for all classroom, school and educationnal seating environments; as well as for use in leisure and other public facilities.



Product Code Seat Height Overall Height Overall Width Overall Depth Seat Width Frame Diameter
EN101 260mm 635mm 350mm 463mm 310mm 22mm
EN102 310mm 685mm 350mm 463mm 310mm 22mm
EN103 350mm 725mm 400mm 513mm 370mm 22mm
EN104 380mm 755mm 400mm 513mm 370mm 22mm
EN105 430mm 805mm 460mm 563mm 405mm 22mm
EN106 460mm 835mm 460mm 563mm 405mm 22mm