GOPAK Premier Stacking Benches


Robust benches
Stack 10 high (8 high when using bench skate)

With a smart grey polyurethane edge, these Premier stacking benches complement the Premier folding table range. These extremely robust benches are ideal for school dining, industrial canteens and sports seating. Available in three lengths and three heights they are ideal from primary to further education.

05-I0-2Code                       Size                              Weight

P/CF3                1220 x 254 mm           6.25Kg

P/BF3                 1520 x 254 mm          7.00 Kg

P/AF3                 1830 x 254 mm          8.80 Kg


Three Heights

Buffet(483 mm High)

Adult (432 mm High)

Junior (381 mm High)


3 Weeks Delivery