GOPAK Premier Folding Table


Strong and robust
Durable and hygienic
The quality choice

With an alumininum underframe and legs, smart flint grey polyurethane edge, and strong construction, the Premier table offers total flexibility in any multi-functional area, with the added advantage of folding flat for storage.

The Premier table features a smooth and rounded polyurethane edge on the table top. Produced using state of the art technology, the Polyedge is knock-proof, damage resistant and impervious to water.

With the Premier folding table, Gopak has used the most modern edging process available, combined with an aluminium frame. As a result the table weight has been minimised and you can be assured of a product that is hygienic to use, simple to fold, neat to store and sturdy in use.

Code Length (mm) Width (mm) Weight (kg)
P/DC3 915 610 9.00
P/DB3 915 685 9.75
P/DA3 915 760 12.00
P/CC3 1220 610 11.25
P/CB3 1220 685 12.75
P/CA3 1220 760 13.00
P/BC3 1520 610 15.25
P/BB3 1520 685 16.50
P/BA3 1520 760 17.25
P/AC3 1830 610 17.50
P/AB3 1830 685 18.75
P/AA3 1830 760 19.00

6 heights available