Dyslexia Friendly Colourwipe Lapboards.


COLOURWIPE is a range of coloured drywipe surfaces for inclusive teaching environments for all abilities and are Dyslexia Friendly.


Available in packs of 5 individual double sided A4 boards. The pastel colours have been designed to help with certain specific conditions to allow fully inclusive learning conditions through out the classroom. The colourwipe boards all have a cream colour dry wipe on one side and a specific colour on the other side. The corners and edges are all smooth and free from sharp edges. Colour available in Pack of 5 boards: Blue / Cream, Pink / Cream, Green / Cream and Yellow / Cream – and also a multi pack of 1 Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow and plain white.


The best original coloured drywipe A4 board ideal for inclusive teaching for all abilities.