Mobile Screen


What is it:

A heavy duty mobile concertina screen for roon divides and screens. The Aluminium frame system has either 5, 7 or 9 hinged panels which allow the panels extend out to a maximum of 4.8m. The individual panels are 1200, 1500 or 1800mm high x 600mm wide.


These heavy duty mobile systems allow total screening or dividing with a large display area. They are available in 5, 7 and 9 panel sets. They easily fold out into the required shape and are instantly ready as a display area or screen. When assembled the panels need to be angled for stability. All the panels are double sided and are covered with Velcro friendly loop nylon fabric which is available in 9 standard colours. The unit folds flat for transport and storage. All panels have locking castors.


Excellent mobile screen or room divide with a large display area. The system is heavy duty but is also surprisingly light weight and easy to fold and move